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 China is the world's largest investor in artificial intelligence, while cities nationwide are opening innovation incubation centers and shared workspaces alongside plans to build smart, green infrastructure and transport systems.

 作为一名央视调查记者,采访过类似案例,也多次与人争辩,@王志安明白,“社会管理的复杂性在于,解决问题不但意味着需要付出成本,还会带来一系列新的问题 。任何良善的制度,都是在成本和收益,解决问题和制造的问题之间做权衡和选择 。这暗含着一个残酷的事实,你深恶痛绝的很多现象,永远都不可能绝迹”:“贩卖儿童的刑罚已经非常严厉,判死刑的案例也不少 。以为判死刑就可以杜绝此类犯罪是法律万能主义 。贵州大山里好多贫穷的家庭,生完孩子卖掉不在少数,你是判死刑还是判无期?这个世界不是伊甸园,充满着各种罪恶和悲伤,我们可以尽力去改变,但千万不要用力过猛,否则,你就不是在拯救,而是在制造罪恶 。”

 Air pollution in northern China is usually worse in the winter, but this past winter saw unprecedented improvement. Largely due to the policy decision to shift to natural gas for heating and many industrial uses, the average concentration in Beijing of the most hazardous small particulate matter, PM2.5, fell in January by 70 percent year-on-year to 34 micrograms per cubic meter, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said in a statement. It was the first time the figure was under the national standard safe level of 35, the bureau said. However, recent weeks have seen many days of high air pollution, although coming weeks are forecast to be clear.

 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he speaks highly of Xi's courage and great sense of duty, and he believes that under Xi's leadership, the Chinese people will realize the Chinese Dream of achieving great rejuvenation, and China's rejuvenation will be conducive to keeping world peace and stability and benefit people in the world.

 媒体的报道本身并没有正面负面报道,也没有正负能量,只有真假之分 。揭露真相是媒体的天职,产生何种社会效果不是媒体可以控制的 。这种看起来“负能量”的报道虽然让公众觉得恶心和焦虑,但如果监管部门在媒体报道之后加大执法力度,积极履行监管职能,通过严厉的监管和惩罚让商人不敢再那么做,也通过舆论监督的压力迫使行业加强自律,这就是巨大的正能量 。很多时候,媒体揭露食品安全的报道所以加剧公众的焦虑,问题并不在媒体报道,而在于报道之后监管部门并没有通过“严格执法”来让人心安,最终投射在人心的就是负能量 。

 "From a technical perspective, this is an important breakthrough showing that a complicated generative modeling problem, namely speech synthesis, can be adapted to new cases by efficiently learning only from a few examples," Leo Zou of Baidu's communications team told Digital Trends.





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