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 With the goal of promoting employment and entrepreneurship, the training system will be established and supported to provide accessible skills training to all the workers in urban and rural areas during the entire course of their careers, those at the meeting decided.

 "My grandfather, who was a surgeon, left some money for us to be educated overseas," Mackerras said. "I had already got a taste of China back in the 1950s when I was given a scholarship to learn Mandarin in Canberra.

 According to Xiang Huanan, the prison warden, more than 1,000 prisoners have obtained national job qualifications, and over 90 percent of them received skill training in prison.

 Jiangsu will incorporate the Research Institute in Yangtze River Delta and the Taicang Campus into the overall planning for their provincial social and economic development and give their support in terms of policy, institution, service and funds.

 Mackerras' love for music, both Western and Chinese, comes from his family, especially on his mother's side.

 In 112 pages, the English proficiency standard lays down detailed requirements for listening, speaking, reading and writing. It also includes practical skills, such as translating, where standards are rare worldwide.





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