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 Research shows the average age of Chinese visitors to the UK is younger than the average age of visitors from other countries, with half of Chinese visitors last year aged between 25 and 44. Phocuswright, a global market research company, estimates that 60 percent of international Chinese travelers are aged between 18 and 34.

 Shu said the firm's ultra high-voltage project in Brazil has played an important role in Brazil's power connections and has helped 22 million local people access electricity.

 Prosecutors charged that he abused power to gain benefits for others, and demanded cash or property in return.

 这样一个原本是喜剧小品中的情节,居然在现实生活中真实上演了。按照大多数人的思维,承诺说出去了,款也汇到人家的账户了,就是企业弄错也应该像小品中表演的那样, “将错就错 ”得了。现在突然反悔,又让人家把收到的20万捐款退回15万,这种影响多么不好,这样的行为会不会让爱心打折?

 The Chinese president also noted that the strategic and major projects of the two countries have been steadily moving forward, and the cooperation in innovation and agriculture, as well as people-to-people and media exchanges, have been flourishing.

 Xi said he was aware of people's major concerns, such as education, employment, incomes, social security, medical care, security in old age, housing and the environment.





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