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 He noted that he and Trump agreed to maintain contact at the highest level as they strategically navigate bilateral ties.


 Those are just some of the many serious questions raised by the airstrikes, questions that the increasingly "patriotic" US news outlets failed to ask.

 Shi Wen, chief designer of the Caihong, or Rainbow, series at the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics in Beijing, said it is widely believed among engineers at the academy that civilian users will buy more unmanned aircraft than will the military.

 According to foreign media, CH-3s and CH-4s are among the most popular combat drones on the international market and have played a big role in the fight against terrorism.

 A new type of apprentice system will be pushed forward to provide skills training for newly recruited and re-employed workers. The development of highly skilled workers will be prioritized, with the training of senior technicians set to be reinforced. The ministries of finance and human resources and social security are being required to do research in support of enterprises so they can conduct skills training and speed up measures to develop skilled workers with high professional qualifications.





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