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 Responding to China Daily's questions about what challenges APF sees in playing the role of catalyst to strengthen and promote ties between Canada and China, Beck said in some ways challenge is opportunity.

 Xi's speech highlighted Hainan's special advantages -- including its status as China's biggest SEZ, its unique geographic location and the best ecological environment in the country, as reasons to make it a test ground for reform and opening up.

 BEIJING - China's national legislature underlined Party's leadership when summarizing its work over the past five years on Sunday.

 So, for the reasonable price of around 130 yuan I had survived, and enjoyed the outcome of, a wash, cut and blow dry in a country where I speak very little of the language. There've been times when I've not even managed that in the UK! The author is British, born in Spain, and now living in China. When not working in communications and marketing in Ningbo, Zhejiang, she enjoys travelling in China and Asia, practising her fledgling Mandarin and writing about her experiences. At home her pet cat Tyrion (proving that she watches way too much TV) keeps her busy, requiring regular Taobao purchases of cat toys and treats.

 Besides the air conditioners the people have their own way of taming the temperatures and that is the ‘dress code’!!!.

 "We can partner with China toward the goal. We can also collaborate in e-commerce. These are all the tremendous opportunities for us to develop where both sides can work together," Beck added.





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