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 "We have the water and the land so we need to export commodity products and value added products and fit those technologies into China, where they will be rapidly used and seen as a way of collaborating rather than just selling tons of products," said Beck.

 Beck made his comments at the third annual meeting of the Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council 2018 (ABLAC 2018) hosted by APF Canada on March 2 in Toronto.


 Beck said that since China has targeted a reduction of coal consumption as a percentage of primary energy to below 65 percent by 2017 and replace it with gas, "there was a role for Canada to play that we can get our gas to China."

 This is exactly where Japan's problem is. Some say that Japanese prime ministers have apologized repeatedly for WWII, so the past should no longer be an issue.

 Being a co-chair of Canada China Track II Energy Dialogue, which covers a full spectrum of energy subsectors, Beck is familiar with how the two governments build relationships. He believes that Canada will have more cooperation with China in the areas of new technology, climate change, innovation, agriculture and natural resources.





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