qq2010皮肤贴吧 :外交部:中方同日本副外相磋商将要求纠正错误

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 Small-scale disasters should be managed by local governments and the Ministry of Emergency Managements will provide support. When serious disasters occur, the ministry will be the headquarters to coordinate rescue and relief efforts, the plan said.

 The next stage of supply-side reform is expected to include continually cutting capacity and production in heavy industry, which is in part to reduce pollution, according to a research note by Louis Kuijs, head of the Asia Economics department at Oxford Economics.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping gives a thumbs-up as he watches the football match in Berlin between youth teams from Zhidan in China's Shaanxi province and VfL Wolfsburg, Germany, March 29, 2014. The Chinese team lost to VfL Wolfsburg 0-2. [Photo/Xinhua] 

 Rwanda's President Paul Kagame, who is also the current chairman of the African Union, said that under the strong leadership of Xi, China has achieved glorious progress, with the people's livelihood greatly improved and the country's international influence continuously promoted.

 Afghanistan's President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Bolivia's President Juan Evo Morales Ayma, Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak also extended congratulations to Xi through other forms.





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