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 From a less-developed island, the province has become an international tourism destination that attracted 67.45 million tourists last year, seven times its population.

 Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is the latest achievement in adapting Marxism to a Chinese context and encapsulates the practical experience and collective wisdom of the Party and the people, Shen said.

 作为农业大省,河北省与艾奥瓦州早在1983年就建立了友好省州关系。那时,中美地方合作刚刚起步,一切都还在实践中摸索与创新。1985年访美,习近平和代表团认真考察了当地农业发展: “我们回国后写了一份很好的报告,其中很多内容都引用了你们的原话。”

 Leaders from around the world continue to send messages to President Xi Jinping congratulating him on his election as China's head of state.

 Xi was elected Chinese president by a unanimous vote on Saturday morning during the ongoing session of the 13th National People's Congress, the top legislature.

 This survey is important. It is important because, first of all, the Chinese government wants to know. I think that they sincerely want to know. I think they want to know the thoughts, ideas and sentiments of the average person. I believe that they are truly interested in what people think in order to know how to lead them better. I believe that they are even interested in what I think and feel here as a foreigner.





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