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 孙守双的孩子孙齐在那一天溺亡。他说 ,洪水到来之后 ,他一头扎向水里 ,游向孩子的班级。洪水淹没教室之前 ,学生们哭喊、求救 ,有个班的孩子为了壮胆儿集体大声唱歌 ,风雨中发抖、走调的歌声……有的教室里 ,孩子奋力砸碎玻璃 ,抱着窗棂往房顶爬 ,力气小的掉进水里……

 In line with this, the government will establish effective long-term mechanisms that deliver steady progress and prevent people from relapsing into poverty and work with people and areas struggling with poverty to boost their capacity for self-sufficient development, the report said.

 "We should focus more on workers' rights and interests when resolving overcapacity in steel and coal, as well as during industrial consolidation and reorganization," Wang Xiaofeng, spokesman for the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, said on Tuesday.

 It will also amplify work-relief programs in extremely impoverished areas and encourage eastern and western regions to deepen their collaboration on poverty reduction.

 The government will increase the supply of clean power; steadily advance major projects aimed at cutting coal consumption, such as those to promote the use of shallow geothermal energy, the upgrading of coal-fired steam boilers to make them energy efficient, and the recovery of waste heat for household heating; and steadily move forward with adopting clean energy sources for winter heating in northern China based on local circumstances, according to the draft report.

 "The military has enough personnel to meet all its operational requirements, including being active on 25 operations in 30 countries throughout the world," the spokesman added.





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