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 说一下我的切身体会。现在全国各地都有民间放高利贷现象 ,在我老家在苏北那绝对堪称是疯狂 ,媒体曾报道过无数次。这种“挣快钱 ”的方法 ,影响之大 ,涉及之广 ,一般人都想不到。我父亲是个70多岁迈体弱的老农 ,他原本早就不再做发财梦了。但是 ,这两年 ,他变了 ,因为家里有几个亲友靠放高利贷发了点财 ,他也按捺不住 ,一次次要我别将那点菲薄的工资别再存银行了 ,交给他去放高利贷。我问他凭什么能保证那是安全的 ,他的结论有两个 ,一是强调他的“人品 ” ,而是声称谁不还他“拼命 ”。

 这事给我震动很大 ,以致我大学时还偷偷去医院测了血型 ,贫乏的医学常识让我以为跟父母血型不一就意味着我真的是捡回来的。母亲气得半天没说出一句话 ,我也恼怒不已:谁让你不从小告诉我?母亲涨红了的脸忽然舒展开来 ,忍不住噗嗤一笑:“你长大后自然明白啊 ”。

 "Compared with armed models, the civilian drones will have higher safety standards and lower production and operational costs," Shi said. "They also have many advantages compared with manned planes - they can be used day and night; they need less maintenance and fuel; and they can safely fly over hazardous or inaccessible areas without risks to humans. I can name more."

 The reform of the medical sector has produced noticeable results. Within a short period of time, China was able to achieve the following: developing the world's largest basic medical insurance network that covers all citizens, providing insurance for patients of serious diseases, enabling patients to receive emergency medical services, and improving medical assistance. All this has provided institutional guarantee that patients have access to medical services. The state has gained effective control over serious infectious diseases, has kept the spread of AIDS at a low level, has achieved the tuberculosis control target of the UN's Millennium Goals ahead of schedule, has reduced the number of schistosome infections to the lowest level in history, and became a polio-free country in 2000. China set up the world's largest online direct reporting system of notifiable epidemics and public health emergencies in 2015, and the average reporting time has been shortened to four hours from five days before the introduction of the system.


 The training system, which also aims to instill craftsmanship and quality awareness, will help ease the structural shortage of skilled workers, improve factory productivity and move the economy toward the medium-high end of the global value chain.





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