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 Chinese economy has transitioned from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, said Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, warning that old ways of thinking might lead China almost nowhere and miss precious opportunities.

 ATR-72的航线多系飞往离岛,前往台湾旅游的大陆观光客只要去这些离岛游览,对这样的航班便几乎避无可避,而此次失事的GE235系飞金门,金门又是“小三通 ”的接驳地,这些都注定了大陆乘客会密集出现在ATR支线飞机上,此次失事航班上就有多达31人的大陆客群体(两个旅行团和4名自由行客人),由此可见,台湾支线客机的安全,不仅关乎台湾岛内乘客、如今也越来越关乎大陆乘客的生命、财产安危,对此复兴航空和台湾有关部门需要作出缜密调查和认真交代,大陆相关部门也应予以跟进和关注 。

 He also expected further progress in the supply-side structural reform on basis of sound achievements in tasks like capacity reduction. Industries including plate glass, cement and electrolytic aluminum will be target of the country's next stage of capacity cuts.

 再看中央苏区时期 。中央苏区从1929年1月下山转战闽西赣南始开辟,到1934年10月长征而离开,前后将近6年 。在这近6年间,毛泽东的廉政思想开始绽放 。1931年11月7日成立中华苏维埃共和国临时中央政府,毛泽东担任中央执行委员会主席和中央人民委员会主席 。他的廉政思想不仅贯穿在建政过程中,也贯穿在整个中央苏区的活动始终 。其主要廉政思想有以下四点:

 In terms of their oversight duty, lawmakers have inspected enforcement of 26 laws and one legislative decision, heard and deliberated 83 work reports, and conducted 15 special inquiries and 22 research projects.

 Xi has visited 57 countries around the world and has received more than 110 foreign heads of states, he said, adding that Xi’s leadership and charisma has earned himself and China many friends in a diverse range of culture background and social system.





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