qq空间藏宝阁 :环球时报:中国官员应向哈格尔直率表达不满

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 The defensive system of the city has been damaged, said Chu, adding that the findings have revealed the layout of the city and also provided new evidence which will be very helpful for research into ethnic minorities in ancient times.

 He also confirmed that Libya is willing to provide security guarantees in the return case, and expressed his desire to develop the national economy and reconstruction of Libya by joining the Belt and Road Initiative.

 "China's military has the ability and determination to defeat all attempts to separate our country, and it will adopt all necessary measures to resolutely defend national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity," ministry spokesman Wu Qian said.

 The site, located in Fuxin Township, was a fort city along the Great Wall constructed in Han Dynasty (202 BC- 220 AD). Excavation of the site was launched in October 2014, said Chu Jingang from the provincial cultural relics institute.

 A total of 430 tons of litchee, longan, mango, paw paw and green oranges were exported from Hainan to Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States last year, while another 960 tons of fresh vegetables were sold to Hong Kong, according to official statistics.

 He stressed the importance of promoting scientific innovation, attracting top-level scientific talent from both home and abroad, supporting innovation by small and medium-sized companies and cultivating more innovative companies that develop and own their own intellectual property and focus on core competitiveness.





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