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 "We think that the call for more emphasis on quality and equality as opposed to quantity will be reflected in the emphasis on encouraging innovation, Made in China 2025 and moving up the value chain," Kuijs said.

 "You would never know she hiked Everest unless you knew her and talked to her about it," said Dan Furtado, the manager who hired Lhakpa at Whole Foods. "She's the most humble person I know, and her work ethic is astounding."

 The dramatic trek to the base camp begins from Lukla - 140 kilometers east of Kathmandu - and follows an ancient trading route that once linked Nepal and China's Tibet autonomous region, taking hikers over a soaring pass before dropping down into the lush Khumjung valley.

 "With the system, we can provide targeted measures to help each family rise out of poverty," said Zhang Lei, an official in charge of local poverty alleviation.

 The statement after the meeting pointed out that the Party's 19th National Congress made new arrangements for maintaining strict discipline, and the eight-point code made five years ago must strictly be followed to ensure that the Party has close links with the people.

 Lhakpa joined an expedition of five women in 2000 who convinced the government to give them a permit. She was the first Nepali woman to reach the summit and return alive.





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