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 每次看到这样的新闻,都会让人心酸。报道说, 9日23时许,贵州省毕节市七星关区田坎乡4名儿童在家中疑似农药中毒,经抢救无效死亡。4名儿童为留守儿童,年龄最小的5岁,最大的13岁,父母均在外打工。村民张仕贵说1个月前,4个孩子因没有生活费辍学在家,家里唯一的食物是去年的玉米。平时,孩子们将玉米磨成玉米面,不用筛子筛干净,就凑合吃了,“因为太穷了”。(2015年6月11日《新京报》)

 "When Han asked me to come and help improve the level of her class, I promised without hesitation, as I hope I can share my experiences with those who are interested in fashion," she said.

 In addition to the election of a new state leadership and leadership of the CPPCC National Committee, important proposals such as constitutional amendment and a draft supervision law were discussed while a new round of institutional restructuring of the State Council has started, he added.

 Li Cuizhi, an NPC deputy and director of the quality monitoring center at Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co, said Xi's emphasis on higher-quality growth has set the direction for the company's development.

 According to the Ministry of Public Security, the new administration will take charge of drawing up and coordinating immigration policies and supervising their implementation, along with dealing with border control, foreigners' stays, refugees and nationality.

 Though the defeat means that AI has secured victory in the three-game match, the game itself mirrors the human tenacity and courage in the face of mounting pressure, experts said.





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