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 Gong Mingzhu, an NPC deputy and mayor of Erdos, said Xi has set tasks on issues like higher-quality growth, poverty alleviation and ethnic unity, and local government will take effective measures to complete them.

 Brain specialists and experts in artificial intelligence should work together to create AI as complex as the human brain, a top scientist said at a Beijing seminar on Monday.

 There are more than 5,000 MOOC with over 70 million viewers in China. Over 11 million college students have obtained credits by viewing MOOC.

 Another area of great interest to Mackerras has been China's ethnic groups, which he has written about extensively. In particular, he has taken a great interest in the Uygurs in Northwest China.

 Mackerras studied the Tang Dynasty (618-907) for his MLitt at the University of Cambridge in 1964 and wrote his PhD on Chinese opera at the Australian National University in Canberra in 1970.

 Xie Xingchang, a villager in Minning township in suburban Yinchuan, the capital of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, and fellow villagers were relocated from mountains in southern Ningxia to their current homes, with poverty relief aid from Fujian province. Xi designated the land for their new homes when he was Fujian's deputy Party secretary.





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