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 President Xi Jinping's important speech delivered on Tuesday reflected his people-centered philosophy of governance as well as his commitment to building a community of a shared future for humankind, analysts said.

 主要内容:发挥红色资源优势,深化党史军史教育 。该书聚焦党在新形势下的强军目标,以党的两个历史问题决议、《中国共产党历史》一至二卷、《中国人民解放军军史》一至六卷和有关重要文献为依据,以我军历史发展脉络为主线,以重要事件、重要成就、重要人物和典型事例为主要内容,全面准确生动地反映人民军队的光荣历史、宝贵经验和辉煌成就,主题鲜明、重点突出,史实准确、内容丰富,图文并茂、通俗易懂,是部队开展党史军史学习教育、官兵了解掌握我党我军历史的重要辅助教材,对帮助官兵学史明理、研史启智、知史尽责,汇聚强军兴军正能量具有积极作用 。

 《规定》要求,必须把听党指挥落实到行动上,必须保持坚定正确的政治信仰,必须防止和纠正政治上的自由主义,必须认真贯彻民主集中制原则,必须落实党的组织生活制度,必须严格执行请示报告制度,必须纠治选人用人上的不正之风,必须严守财经纪律,必须持续反“四风”改作风,必须破除特权思想和特权现象 。

 BEIJING - Busy lifestyles and an aging population have boosted the household services market in China, but a survey published by the China Youth Daily on Tuesday found that customers are not satisfied.

 There were eight Chinese between the ages of 24 and 37 on the Titanic, boiler workers sharing one 59-pound third-class ticket, according to the record of Titanic Cruise Line, but only six survived from its sinking. When they arrived in the United States, they were not helped, like the other 705 survivors. Instead they were forced to leave the country within 24 hours, because of the Chinese Exclusion Act signed in 1882.

 He added "Today, we mark a major step in fulfilling our commitment to improving the lives of all in the Kingdom, a key pillar of Vision 2030."





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