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 Chinese President Xi Jinping gives a thumbs-up as he watches the football match in Berlin between youth teams from Zhidan in China's Shaanxi province and VfL Wolfsburg, Germany, March 29, 2014. The Chinese team lost to VfL Wolfsburg 0-2. [Photo/Xinhua] 

 The next stage of supply-side reform is expected to include continually cutting capacity and production in heavy industry, which is in part to reduce pollution, according to a research note by Louis Kuijs, head of the Asia Economics department at Oxford Economics.

 Brigadier David Allfrey, chief executive of the Tattoo, hopes the partnership will increase exposure ahead of the event's planned three-week tour of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2020.

 Gesang Zhoigar, an NPC deputy from the Tibet autonomous region, was also deeply touched by the election. "Being one of more than 3 million people from Tibet, I have strong trust in Comrade Xi, the whole Party's core, our nation's leader and the Army's commander," she said.

 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a world-famous music and dance spectacle which has run in various forms since 1949, attracts an average 220,000 visitors each year.

 And, other than food and customs, the fair has a large space for kids entertainment, where children can explore such activities as dancing, video games and virtual reality.





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