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 On manufacturing, China has basically opened up this sector with a small number of exceptions on automobiles, ships and aircraft. "These industries are now in a position to open up. Going forward, we will reduce as soon as possible limits on foreign investment in these industries, automobiles in particular," Xi said.

 我今年62岁了。在我幼年、童年和青年时代 ,中国就进入我的生活了。小时候 ,身边随处可见中国商品 ,包括毛巾、服装、鞋等。最受欢迎的是中国制造的热水瓶 ,每家都有一个。收音机里有时播放中国音乐。我读过中国的许多寓言故事 ,比如愚公移山。

 上周 ,到海南休年假 ,一个老朋友带着先生、孩子接待我。朋友也是湖北人 ,她的丈夫是山东人。都不是海南人 ,为什么不就近在济南或武汉谋个事做?朋友的回答令我无言以对――留在海南 ,“只为让孩子吸一口好空气 ”。

 The Shanxi provincial department of environmental protection, along with the government of Linfen city, has sent a team of investigators to the county to investigate the case.

 After the first stage, I ask them some questions about a picture with no words. They are nervous, shy and some freeze and need to be crank started or come back later. Maybe some have not talked to a foreigner and are very shy. Most didn't know the answers because they learn by rote. And they are amazing as to what they can memorise. In that confusion of question time we have to say "that's all" and some knew they were finished. But for most we had to say "bye bye" with matching hand waving for them to realise they could go. Many long goodbyes were had.

 这个故事具备被爆炸性传播的各种条件:权力 ,利益 ,竟然还有权贵以及行长的桃色传闻。所以 ,这个周末 ,有好事者 ,兴奋将一些碎片拼接起来 ,组成“意味深长 ”的文字。于是 ,我们便在朋友圈看到了“权贵的力量 ” ,看到了一个叫做民生银行的战场。





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