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 国家救不救市与你呼吁不呼吁其实没有关系。国家即便救市 ,也不是为了救赔钱的人 ,而是为了“救国家”。(参看海涛评论6月30日文章)这几天 ,我看很多人呼吁救市 ,但翻看这几天的人民日报 ,股市连提都没被提及――中央机关报不care这事儿 ,是不是可以理解为中央还没care这事儿?那说明股市跌到这个份上 ,还没让中央觉得“危险”――否则 ,我相信会救的。当然 ,能否救得起 ,这里不讨论。

 At Baidu, researchers have created artificial intelligence they say can learn to mimic your voice after listening to it for less than a minute.

 Xi said the passing year has seen important progress in the development of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, adding that the two sides have shown firm support for each other on questions concerning their respective core interests and reaped key early harvest in linking the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative with Russia's Eurasian Economic Union.

 Improving people's livelihoods took center stage during President Xi Jinping's major domestic inspection tours last year, highlighting his "people-centered" governance philosophy.

 "The dramatic improvement in air quality mainly resulted from effective and tougher controls on emissions and advantageous weather to disperse pollutants," said Li Xiang, director of air quality management at the capital's Environmental Protection Bureau. Restrictions covered many sources, such as factories, vehicles and the burning of coal, she said, adding that more than 11,000 polluting companies were closed or moved.

 On Sunday, Premier Li Keqiang also exchanged New Year greetings with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.





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