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 From 2015 to 2017, Hainan invested 13 billion yuan ($2.1 billion) to upgrade its information service networks, which now reach all 2,573 villages on the island.

 The government organized training courses for the farmers to help standardize potato growing, conducted branding promotion activities and set up an online sales platform and a sweet potato research institute that is developing quality potato seedlings.

 Fourteen percent of global executives regarded China as leading in innovation, a 4-percentage-point increase than the last survey in 2014.

 The event featured three major activities: a morning fair and Chinese food, a cultural exhibition and a New Year show.

 Ming Zhimei, CEO and executive director of GLP, said the partnership will help GLP to cement its layout in air logistics operations. The two companies also will cooperate in fields such as the infrastructure development of air logistics, supply chain finance, and the ecological chain of air logistics.

 The year 2014 did not start well for anyone who hopes to see a thaw in relations between Japan and its two neighbors, China and the ROK. It never will if Japanese political leaders are unwilling to honestly and sincerely face up to the country's militarist past and stop humiliating the WWII victims in neighboring countries.





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