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 These civilian versions will be able to carry out a wide range of operations, such as engage in land surveys, environmental inspections and maritime surveillance, he told China Daily.

 Privately run professional skills training will be boosted and government-subsidized programs will be open to eligible vocational colleges and training institutions. Enterprises will be encouraged to set up professional training institutions.


 The report backs up concerns raised a year ago by former Armed Forces minister Mark Francois in a report on recruitment. This found that in the year to April last year, 12,950 recruits joined the regular armed forces, but 14,970 had left.

 According to the decision at the meeting, to achieve industrial upgrading, enterprises will be encouraged to play the principal role of sharpening workers' skills. Enterprises will be encouraged to conduct professional skill training on a large scale through measures including government-subsidized training, training sessions organized by enterprises themselves and commercial courses.

 Central government departments have carried out an array of action plans since November 2012, offering government-subsidized training to 114 million workers, which contributed significantly to employment and entrepreneurship.





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