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 Asked for his advice to the US government on its oversight in the tech and innovation sectors, Isaac Applbaum of MizMaa Ventures said, "Leave us alone. Let us Jews to do what we do best. We're the capitalists. We understand the value and proposition of taking entrepreneurs and helping them grow."

 First they give a speech about themselves, their town, school and their family. The girls say they are beautiful (which they are) and the boys say they are handsome (which some are). Then they sing a song or recite a poem or story like how the sun is stronger than the wind because it can make people take off their coat. One girl sang ten green bottles. She didn't have a good voice and the Chinese judge next to me says "this song counts down from 10 to 1, doesn't it?" Mercifully the little girl stopped after 7 so we beamed our approval and she probably thought she did great, which is all true really. One nine year old even played the guitar for her song. Unfortunately that meant she turned her head away while she nailed the finger movements so I'm not sure what song she was singing.

 巧的是,成功的人士,往往在成功之后,要么出于心有余力,要么出于慈悲心怀,要么出于儿时念想,要么出于他人劝说,突然地,会想要“做公益”起来 。于是,在他横下一条心,祭出巨额款项,开始做公益的时候,正逢他的头脑,被“国际大潮流”所牢牢洗脑之时 。

 公益当然需要“专业能力”,但学科学的和学公益专业的人,未必是真正有“公益专业能力”的人 。比如,公益行业最重要的是三大特点,一是对社会未知荒野的持续探索精神、挑战旧有秩序和权威的本能 。二是全开放全透明的公民社会精神 。三是强大的社会倡导发动力 。这三大能力,才是公益行业能够发展的真实原动力 。

 在西行团队中,唐僧是“西行团团长” 。






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