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 "We have the water and the land so we need to export commodity products and value added products and fit those technologies into China, where they will be rapidly used and seen as a way of collaborating rather than just selling tons of products," said Beck.

 弗拉斯也在他的文章中提醒我们,在布雷特・伊斯顿・埃利斯(Bret Easton Ellis)1991年的小说《美国狂人》(American Psycho)中,主角华尔街银行家兼杀人狂魔贝特曼把三个人视为偶像,头两个是连环杀人犯,第三个就是特朗普―― “对很多读者来说,埃利斯的小说人物和真实生活中的特朗普,相似点是昭然若揭的。”


 Canada should realize the full potential of its business and economic engagement with Asia, in particular China, according to Stewart Beck, president and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada).

 According to Barton, the charts show that Canada's relative trading position in Asia "is not very good". And part of the challenge is because Canada is so close to the US, which has 75 percent of its trade and that is difficult to shift.

 "We have three cities among the top 20 in terms of cleanliness in the world, and we have a lot of opportunities to work with China on that everything from water use to air pollution to traffic control and that goes with the clean-tech side of things, so I think that represents a big win-win situation that both countries can work on," said Barton.





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