qq表情图释 :杜金富任央行副行长(附简历)

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 "Wǒyàozhège," I said, pointing to the parting he had just made in the centre of my hair, "zhèlǐ" – here, pointing to the right-hand side of my head. A silent nod from Alan.

 He said that President Xi Jinping works as the chief architect of China's diplomacy and is involved in planning and conducting head of state diplomacy.

 A new State intellectual property bureau will be established with the integration of some departments from three institutes, according to the reform plan.

 Efforts should be made to encourage all ethnic groups to watch out for and help each other and raise awareness of ethnic unity, so that all ethnic groups could be together "like seeds of a pomegranate," he said.

 The Chinese mainland is warning Taiwan authorities that "courting foreign support to build you up will only invite trouble", a spokesman for the mainland said on Wednesday.

 He expressed confidence in achieving the 6.5 percent annual growth target as domestic consumption is expected to become a larger force driving economic development.





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