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 "It was nice to experience these little touches and understand what makes a wedding day so special for a Chinese couple. I was happy to be a part of that experience!" Bradley said.

 In 2017, consumption contributed 58.8 percent to growth, nearly four percentage points higher than five years ago.

 The meeting called for improvement in the rule of law and promoting comprehensive legislation and legislative process in key areas, as well as deeper integration in military and civilian development.

 In terms of their oversight duty, lawmakers have inspected enforcement of 26 laws and one legislative decision, heard and deliberated 83 work reports, and conducted 15 special inquiries and 22 research projects.

 Xi said actions should be taken against corruption and undesirable practices in poverty relief work, while demanding strict punishment for embezzlement of poverty relief funds, and elimination of practices like formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, and falsification.

 He said that the Taiwan question is related to the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation, and he called on businesspeople from Taiwan to push for the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations.





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