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 The rapid development also comes with a downside. Civil aviation has occasionally been interrupted by unmanned aircraft. Last year, the administration reported 19 illegal drone flights around Chinese airports in May, which affected 326 commercial flights.

 我在新浪微博的中,几乎没有看到一个网友还想除夕上班,那么21.1%的投票者从何而来,哪两成网友愿意除夕上班?况且,我查阅了近几年国务院公布的放假安排通知,结果发现从2011年起春节放假安排都是从除夕至大年初六。如果历来除夕都放假,只是去年假日办 “偶尔为之”, “除夕放不放假”这个调查科学吗?有意义吗?符合民意吗?

 如今,不少厂商已经开始尝试用主打自拍、兼职航拍的低空便携无人机,去打开普通消费者市场大门。零零无限方面指出, “便携式无人机不是航拍器,而是你生活中的私人摄影师,可能是继手机、相机之外你的下一款必备智能硬件产品。”有数据预测,到2020年,中国航拍无人机市场将以86.5%的年复合增长率快速成长。届时,出货量将达到576万台,市场规模达到250亿元人民币。

 China's top labor union has called for more support to help workers find or create jobs, especially during the ongoing efforts to cut capacity in the steel and coal industries.

 The author is former chief economist, Asia and Hong Kong Bureau chief of the Economist Intelligence Unit and senior economist in the OECD’s Investment Division, where he worked with China to improve its policies toward investment.

 So, for the reasonable price of around 130 yuan I had survived, and enjoyed the outcome of, a wash, cut and blow dry in a country where I speak very little of the language. There've been times when I've not even managed that in the UK! The author is British, born in Spain, and now living in China. When not working in communications and marketing in Ningbo, Zhejiang, she enjoys travelling in China and Asia, practising her fledgling Mandarin and writing about her experiences. At home her pet cat Tyrion (proving that she watches way too much TV) keeps her busy, requiring regular Taobao purchases of cat toys and treats.





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