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 Xi has visited 57 countries and received more than 110 foreign heads of state since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012. Such diplomacy has deepened the world's understanding of China, boosted China's profile and influence and laid down a blueprint for the resolution of many global problems, Wang said.

 正如一些评论家所言 ,这次投票仅仅是“象征性”或换言之“示威性”的 ,因为推动表决的共和党在众院只占简单多数 ,无法凭借2/3多数票冲破奥巴马必然随之而来的否决权行使 ,而后者甚至暂时根本无须这样做――参院直到目前的多数党仍是民主党 ,这使得同样的表决甚至根本未能在参院发生。

 The decision from the meeting says talent evaluation and skills assessment mechanisms will be refined, with professional capabilities as the criteria. Income distribution methods for technical workers will be formulated with a focus on their skills and achievements in innovation to encourage skills-based wealth creation and income increases. An investment process contributed by the government, businesses and society will be established to provide more financial support for professional skills training.

 北京某高校的大四学生小李是“毕业不买房”的强烈支持者 ,他对@一图观政(微信号P100017)表示:“在北京 ,我看到太多为了买房而拼命工作的人们。我深深见识过 ,如果你要买一套房 ,要给自己多大的约束。”小李说 ,自己还年轻 ,想要过自由自在的日子 ,不想过早的被束缚起来 ,“尤其不想被房子这样的‘死物’束缚起来”。

 The Ministry of Ecology and Environment also released a statement on Wednesday urging the government of Linfen to "strictly investigate" the wrongdoings. It said it would investigate and determine punishment, along with the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

 The senior designer also said his academy plans to develop a variant of the CH-4 that will be suitable for deployment on plateaus to conduct both military and civilian tasks. He said this plateau model will have a new engine, modified wings and reinforced landing gear.





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