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 "We can learn from China, by opening up. They have been able to advance in less than four decades, much less a small country like ours. Our size, location, sea and land give us advantage. We have to take the advantage, it is now or never," he said at a State House meeting with public servants.

 国防大学本次改革对学员的评价增加了10%的合格率 。对于全军选拔出来的优秀军官来说,考试成绩不是优秀和良好,只是合格,甚至可能不止一门只是合格,如此而来的压力之大,可想而知 。此外,考试新规中要求考官提问不限于从前的一到两个问题,而是一直追问到答满规定时间为止,这就大大增加了回答问题的难度,迫使学员无限开阔自己的思想空间和深度 。正是这些改革产生的压力和动力,使学员不敢把过多的精力用在走关系、泡酒桌上,只能最大限度用在学习上 。正如一位考生所言,为了应付考试,暑假没敢休息,考试前4天没有睡好觉 。这在从前是很难看到的现象 。

 First they give a speech about themselves, their town, school and their family. The girls say they are beautiful (which they are) and the boys say they are handsome (which some are). Then they sing a song or recite a poem or story like how the sun is stronger than the wind because it can make people take off their coat. One girl sang ten green bottles. She didn't have a good voice and the Chinese judge next to me says "this song counts down from 10 to 1, doesn't it?" Mercifully the little girl stopped after 7 so we beamed our approval and she probably thought she did great, which is all true really. One nine year old even played the guitar for her song. Unfortunately that meant she turned her head away while she nailed the finger movements so I'm not sure what song she was singing.

 加强两国贸易投资合作,推进边贸往来和跨境经济合作区建设 。越方正积极研究参与21世纪海上丝绸之路建设,希望同中方加强农业、制造业、基础设施、互联互通等领域合作,大力开展科技、卫生、教育、文化、环保、旅游、媒体、青年、地方交流合作,不断增进两国人民相互了解和友谊 。


 Asked for his advice to the US government on its oversight in the tech and innovation sectors, Isaac Applbaum of MizMaa Ventures said, "Leave us alone. Let us Jews to do what we do best. We're the capitalists. We understand the value and proposition of taking entrepreneurs and helping them grow."





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