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 The central government supports the special administrative region governments of Hong Kong and Macao in the exercise of power in accordance with the law, and supports Hong Kong and Macao in its integration with the country's development, enhancing the patriotic sense of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao.

 The Republic of Korea's President Moon Jae-in said it is hoped that China will realize the Chinese Dream early under Xi's leadership and make greater contributions to peace and development in Northeast Asia and the world. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the China-ROK Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, and Moon said he would like to work with Xi to take the bilateral ties to greater maturity and into a new era.

 Only by adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics can the Chinese nation realize its great rejuvenation, Xi said.

 Xi also called for more energy and more concrete measures to advance the building of an ecological civilization, accelerate efforts to develop green production and ways of life and work harder to tackle prominent environmental problems.

 归根结底 ,选择意味着判断。首先你要判断自己究竟是哪一种心理气质和人格特质 ,你究竟是一个顽固的私人浪漫主义者 ,还是一个倚重社会评价的人 ,决定着你终究会如何处理内在价值的自我满足与社交红利之间的关系。

 今天来自中国之声《新闻纵横》的报道 ,恰恰佐证了这点:国家规定不但遭遇 “中梗阻 ” ,还遭遇了 “下梗阻 ”。报道称 ,在河南邓州市刘集镇 ,有村干部反映 ,每年社会抚养费交多少 ,是镇里摊派下来的任务 ,收不上来这么多 ,就要由村干部垫付。如不垫付 ,就勒令其辞职。





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