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 Construction of a sea-view tourism road circling the island is under way to help people see the waves from their own cars. More high-speed roads will help link every city and county in the central areas in the near future.

 近年来美沙两国战略分歧不断加剧 。美沙之间的战略分歧主要体现在对中东地区格局的战略诉求,具体而言是伊朗问题以及IS问题 。在伊朗问题上,美国对伊朗减压,并希望沙特能够和伊朗和解共同打击中东的恐怖主义 。而对于沙特而言,由于宗教信仰、地区权力等原因,两国的怨恨由来已久 。沙特对于美伊关系缓和十分不满,这也促使沙特在也门问题上不断发难 。在打击IS问题上,沙特和美国的态度分歧明显,沙特希望美国能够采取更加有力的措施变更巴沙尔政权,但美国战略意愿有限,迟迟不肯出动地面军事行动,美沙在打击IS问题上分歧难以弥合 。美国在中东将“伊斯兰国”视为头号敌人,而沙特将伊朗当作首要敌人,这使得美沙两国基于地区格局的战略分歧不断加剧 。

 German political leaders are a stark contrast when it comes to WWII history. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her predecessors have never done anything to open old wounds. Instead, former German Chancellor Willy Brandt knelt on the wet ground in December 1970 at the monument to the Jewish ghetto victims in Warsaw, Poland.

 This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up policy. On the occasion of the Boao forum, President Xi is expected to unveil a set of major new measures on reform and opening-up, according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. It demonstrates that, despite rising anti-globalization sentiment around the world, China remains a staunch supporter and champion of globalization and a fairer world order.

 In the face of this widening wealth gap, politicians in some Western countries have failed so far to look inward in search of solutions. Instead, they look outside for scapegoats, blaming foreign countries for job losses and cashing in on domestic populism.

 China supports globalization because it has contributed to the well-being of its people. More importantly, improved globalization will benefit people around the globe. To make globalization more inclusive so that its benefits can be shared more extensively, Beijing has proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, and is asking others to join it in building a community with a shared future for mankind.





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