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 "China is a country with great and important political and economic weight in the world," said M'etig, stressing the importance of developing the Libyan-Chinese relations in various fields and working on the return of Chinese companies to Libya to complete the suspended projects.

 The ultra high-voltage power superhighway is efficient in power transmission with low costs. The price of electricity transmitted via it to eastern China can still be 0.1 yuan (2 US cents) lower than locally generated power.

 前些天发了一条微博 ,谈某些媒体的文风问题 ,引起了很多同行和网友的共鸣 ,我在这条微博里说:一些媒体的评论 ,说话为什么那么恶狠狠的?这样很不好。评论需以事实、逻辑和理性去说服人 ,有理不在声高和语狠 ,不是用恶狠狠的口号去压人 ,不是挥舞意识形态大棒去打人。领导内部训话的那套凶巴巴的语态拿到网络舆论场上 ,可能只会招致反感 ,越狠效果越适得其反。笔杆评论的穿透力在逻辑理性 ,还是别用枪杆思维写评论。

 Once remote and underdeveloped, Hainan has become one of China's most open and dynamic regions and a top tourist destination.

 周永康一案 ,敲打官场 ,最大的一点 ,是山头主义和帮派主义。无论是石油帮 ,还是周手下的秘书党 ,最大的特点 ,就是攻守联盟 ,一损俱损、一荣俱荣。而在政治上 ,则完全以派系来定义“谁是我们的朋友 ,谁是我们的敌人” ,而无视大局。

 "We have three cities among the top 20 in terms of cleanliness in the world, and we have a lot of opportunities to work with China on that everything from water use to air pollution to traffic control and that goes with the clean-tech side of things, so I think that represents a big win-win situation that both countries can work on," said Barton.





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