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 “It now seems likely that early modern humans were in southern China about 100,000 years ago,” said Professor Chris Stringer, who researches human origins at the Natural History Museum in London.

 在11月1日的第一篇文章里 ,爱因斯坦写道 ,这一理论是卡尔・弗里德里希・高斯和伯恩哈德・黎曼的数学的“真正胜利”。在这篇文章中他回忆道 ,他和格罗斯曼之前曾考虑过同样的公式 ,并提出 ,如果当初他们只被纯数学而不是物理所指引 ,他们就不会一开始就接受了具有有限的协变性的方程。

 直到11月25日最后一篇文章发表的几周之后 ,在贝索和爱伦菲斯特的追问下 ,爱因斯坦才找到了一个出路――他意识到只有同时事件具有物理意义 ,坐标系是没有的。其实贝索在两年前已经提出了类似的想法 ,不过被当时的爱因斯坦粗率地拒绝了。

 "These are countries we have seen strengthen their trade and investment relations with China over the recent past, particularly in the infrastructure sector. I am sure that the expansion and modernization projects that have recently been completed have ultimately improved the region's attractiveness to foreign direct investment," says Robert Kagiri, director for the Centre for Strategy and Policy Management at the Africa Policy Institute, an economic policy think-tank based in Kenya.

 "National reunification is the aspiration of people on both sides and follows modern trends," said Liu Jieyi, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, at a forum on intelligent equipment manufacturing.

 "It has made the largest leap among the top 10 economies, which in turn are supported by strong and stable financial markets," says the report. It attributes the large leap to the mainland's physical infrastructure and healthy level of competition and openness, which it says ensure efficient markets.





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