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 Xi said actions should be taken against corruption and undesirable practices in poverty relief work, while demanding strict punishment for embezzlement of poverty relief funds, and elimination of practices like formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, and falsification.

 Before the plenary meeting, executive chairpersons of the presidium of the first session of the 13th NPC held their third meeting Sunday morning, followed by the fourth meeting of the presidium, both of which were presided over by Li Zhanshu.

 Three more measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens abroad were introduced by Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

 According to the report, in next five years China's national legislature will speed up compiling the civil code, formulate a foreign investment law and e-commerce law, and do research on formulating a real estate tax law.

 我们的这种往来 ,随性而发 ,偶有所感就交流一下。我们也没有什么合作的事情 ,有点“不见亦不念 ”的意味 ,但就是性格相投 ,见面就聊得热烈。他有一种对晚辈的赏识 ,我有一种对前辈的钦敬 ,所以能来往得长。他有一次参加央视四套的《中华之光》要讲讲文化传承 ,他是主角 ,本来没有我的事 ,但他一定要让编导找到我和他一起参加节目 ,他的话说得非常客气 ,说是有我在帮他一下他就放心 ,和聊得来的人一起上节目比较轻松之类 ,其实是对后进的提携。这样的来往一直持续下来 ,一直到他病倒。

 Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official Huang Kunming attended the ceremonies to launch the State Film Administration, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the State Administration of Press and Publication -- which doubles as the National Copyright Administration.





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