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 In a separate development, Yang Chongyong, former vice-chairman of the Hebei People's Congress Standing Committee, was charged with bribery by Tianjin Municipal People's Procuratorate No 2 Branch.


 "It was the morning of Dec 28, 2013. I was sitting reading a newspaper story for one of my friends intently at the hall, and suddenly I realized others turning their eyes to the direction across my head," said Liu, 74. "I turned back my head and saw President Xi Jinping approaching us."

 Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said that the NPC's electing Xi as president fully affirms Xi's outstanding governing capability and noble quality of serving the people, and he would like to join Xi in making unremitting efforts to further strengthen the friendly cooperation between China and Mali.

 Xi said he was aware of people's major concerns, such as education, employment, incomes, social security, medical care, security in old age, housing and the environment.

 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Xi's election shows that the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China are confident of Xi's brilliant leadership and the grand plan for the future, and he believes that Xi will lead the Chinese nation to achieve great rejuvenation and promote international peace and justice.





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