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 The event featured three major activities: a morning fair and Chinese food, a cultural exhibition and a New Year show.

 Xi paid great attention to the development of new strategic industries in such areas as the new generation of IT technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, low-carbon development, biologically based pharmaceuticals, the digital economy, new materials and the oceanic economy.

 SOE reform is in accordance with legal norms and market discipline, he said, and restructured companies saw their total assets rise by 59 percent and profits rise by 42 percent compared with five years ago.

 European Union regulators are searching for ways to recycle more plastic, as waste piles up in ports after China's foreign garbage import ban, according to Reuters.

 In 2017, China showed an "encouraging" annual economic report, with total GDP of more than 82 trillion yuan ($12.9 trillion), equal to the combined GDPs of the world's fifth to tenth largest economies, Wang said.

 Breakthroughs must be made this year in some key areas of civil-military integration, and reforms in sectors such as arms procurement systems, price setting and a taxation mechanism for weapon businesses should be carried forward, according to the meeting.





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