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 革命与改革是新中国经历的两个目标 ,方向 ,内容 ,手段截然不同 ,但又有内在承续关系的基础和大厦的统一性。具体定位可借用旧城改造强迫折迁 ,毁城炸旧中曾经走过的弯路 ,犯过的错误 ,重要的是我们终于成就了中国历史最辉煌的新工程表述:革命是折旧城打基础 ,改革则是绘新城建更新更美更宏伟 ,大庇天下寒士皆欢颜的现代宜居新城。我们不必否认城一一个由10亿有产者为基石的新中国。以今曰的成就 ,否定昨日折旧夯基的基础性作用 ,是历史虚无主义;以昨曰的折旧破坏的目标方式 ,冠以革命的旗帜 ,否定改革的必然性 ,干方百计要毁新返旧 ,是历史的反动思维。

 Happiness comes with hard work. If Chinese people hold the spirit of working hard, we can achieve the goal of creating a better life, said Xi.

 The vote to renew the Italian parliament in Sunday proved one of the most divisive and uncertain elections in years for the country.

 其实 ,不仅政策制定后 ,要听公民的意见;在制定前 ,更应该听一听公民的心声。政府决策必须征询民众意见 ,也必须尊重民众意见。这是现代民主议程中不可或缺的一大主题。特别是关涉千家万户利益的民生决策 ,更需要提前反复“试探” ,以期实现最大公约数。正如有学者所称 ,公民的广泛参与可减少公共政策的流弊 ,可确保决策更可行及公平 ,还可减低执行时遇到的困难 ,有利于政策的有效执行。

 First they give a speech about themselves, their town, school and their family. The girls say they are beautiful (which they are) and the boys say they are handsome (which some are). Then they sing a song or recite a poem or story like how the sun is stronger than the wind because it can make people take off their coat. One girl sang ten green bottles. She didn't have a good voice and the Chinese judge next to me says "this song counts down from 10 to 1, doesn't it?" Mercifully the little girl stopped after 7 so we beamed our approval and she probably thought she did great, which is all true really. One nine year old even played the guitar for her song. Unfortunately that meant she turned her head away while she nailed the finger movements so I'm not sure what song she was singing.

 The standard applies to all-levels of English learners from elementary school to university and focuses on students' ability in everyday practical language, broader communication skills and understanding of the culture in English-speaking places.





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