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 Xi said the CPC should be the backbone of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, work hard and share the comforts and hardships with the people and always maintain heart-to-heart communion with them.

 Led by the CPC, China established socialism as its basic system and gradually created the system for the function of Party and State institutions with Chinese characteristics after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The Party has actively advanced the reform of Party and State institutions and gradually optimized and standardized their functions, it said.

 Noting that China and Russia are friendly neighbors, Xi said that local-level cooperation plays an important role in developing mutual benefits.

 根据李自云的讲述 ,记者了解到 ,徐玉玉到银行后 ,按照电话中那人的提示 ,在ATM机上进行了一番操作 ,但并未成功。骗子又问她身上是否有其他银 行卡 ,而此时 ,徐玉玉身上刚好装着交学费的银行卡 ,里面存有1万块钱 ,她就把这事给对方说了。接着 ,对方称那张交学费的银行卡还未激活 ,要她通过ATM机 取出9900元 ,通过这种方式激活银行卡 ,再把钱汇入指定的账号 ,还声称会在半个小时内 ,把这9900元连同助学金的2600元一起重新汇回来。徐玉玉没 有怀疑 ,按照骗子说的完成了操作。过了一会 ,徐玉玉开始意识到有些不对 ,便给对方打电话 ,谁知电话那头已经关机。此时徐玉玉多么希望对方能如其承诺的那 样 ,把钱再汇回来。此时 ,天空已经下起大雨 ,徐玉玉一个人苦苦地等着 ,她在等待奇迹的发生 ,然而半个小时过去了 ,徐玉玉绝望了……

 Li's remarks came during a meeting with Gambian President Adama Barrow, who is on his first state visit to China since diplomatic relations were resumed last year.

 Maintaining social stability and long-term peace is the goal of Xinjiang, Zhu said. Having a safe and stable environment is the foundation for regional social development, he added.





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