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 Central government departments have carried out an array of action plans since November 2012, offering government-subsidized training to 114 million workers, which contributed significantly to employment and entrepreneurship.

 还有就是,村官信奉邪教被发现受处理说明了群众的眼睛是雪亮的,要想取得反邪教斗争的彻底胜利必须依靠群众 。段正安身为党员,却信奉邪教近20年,而且还每周在其家中进行一次聚会,直到2015年4月经群众反映才被发现处理 。段正安参加邪教时间如此之长、活动如此之频繁,却一直没有被发现,直到被群众举报才被抓获 。这既充分说明了邪教具有很强的隐蔽性,也说明了群众的眼睛是雪亮的,要想取得反邪教斗争的彻底胜利就必须依靠群众、发动群众、武装群众、激励群众 。近些年来,反邪教宣传在各级党委、政府的大力推动下,在基层开展得轰轰烈烈,群众的反邪教意识已经明显增强 。段正安从事邪教活动被群众举报,就证明了 “依靠群众、发动群众、武装群众”是战胜邪教的法宝 。在下一步的反邪教工作中,在继续弘扬这一做法,进一步加大反邪教宣传力度,让反邪教知识在群众中入脑入心的同时,还应建立相应的激励机制,对敢于站出来同邪教做斗争的群众要给予精神和物质上的奖励,只有这样才能扬正气,让越来越多的群众敢于、乐于站出来同邪教做斗争 。

 虽然我们国家在这方面有很多成熟的发展,但从国际接轨的角度上来看还是有很长的路要走 。我认为如果想要多出高质量高层次的科学家和文学家的话,最重要的是改革我们现有的绩效制度 。我们现有的绩效制度是限制他们发展最重要的一个因素之一 。

 一天,克莉丝汀和儿子约好去看电影,但临行前突然接到公司要求她加班的通知 。她歉疚地给儿子解释,并许下比看电影更大的承诺之后,匆匆赶去上班 。几个小时后,当她心急火燎地赶回家时,家里空空如也,孩子不知去向 。

 Following the introduction of the reform and opening-up drive in 1978, to address problems such as a severe shortage of medical and health resources and a lack of service capability and low efficiency, the government allowed multichannel financing for the medical industry, and encouraged medical development in various forms, by increasing resource supply, opening up the pharmaceuticals manufacturing and circulation market, developing the pharmaceutical industry, and promoting TCM. Economic incentives were adopted to encourage medical personnel to enhance their performance. At the First National Health Service Meeting in 1996, a decision was made on implementing the guiding principles for health services in the new era, namely, "focusing on the rural areas, prioritizing prevention, equal emphasis on Western medicine and TCM, relying on science and education, encouraging public participation, promoting public health, and serving socialist modernization." In 1998, China began to form a social medical insurance system to cover the basic medical needs of workers. In 2000, it set the goal of establishing an urban medical and healthcare system in line with the socialist market economy, so that the people could enjoy reasonably priced, high-quality medical services, and thus become healthier. In 2002, the government released the Decision on Further Enhancing Health Services in Rural Areas. Taking into consideration the levels of economic and social development in rural areas, the government decided to drive health services reform to a deeper level, and put in more funding to rural areas, to provide different levels of medical services to rural residents.

 Privately run professional skills training will be boosted and government-subsidized programs will be open to eligible vocational colleges and training institutions. Enterprises will be encouraged to set up professional training institutions.





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