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 After many years of hard work, a new stage has been reached in China's medical and health services. This has not only made the Chinese people healthier, but has also created a model suited to the country's prevailing conditions that is able to ensure people's right to health. This model has the following features:

 首先 ,APEC一直以来最主要的目标就是降低成员国之间的关税。如2003年的APEC贸易部长会议后 ,中国和泰国就签订了一项双边贸易协定 ,将200多种蔬菜水果的相互关税从平均30%降为0。你能够吃到更多更便宜的热带水果 ,多半要感谢APEC。当然 ,这也只是其中一角 ,据专家测算 ,APEC成立至今 ,亚太地区的整体关税从16.9%降低到5.8%。

 Significant progress has been made in developing a system of medical and healthcare services. A basic medical services network covering both urban and rural areas has been put in place, with 980,000 medical and health institutions at all levels, 11 million health workers, and seven million beds at medical institutions. The state has increased its efforts to foster more medical professionals. A standardization training system for resident doctors is being established, and outstanding figures such as Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine Tu Youyou have made significant contributions to society. As more social resources flow into the medical sector, private hospitals now account for over 57 percent of all hospitals, making medical services more diverse. China's medical and health emergency rescue capability is among the world's best. It stood the severe test of the Ebola epidemic, blocking all infectious sources from outside its territory and achieved zero infection while Chinese medical teams went on assistance missions in Africa.

 可想而知 ,悲剧之后类似的跨年活动会被一刀切地取消 ,类似公共活动会出现断崖式下降。这也只是浅层次的本能反应 ,如果不能在事件调查中真正吸取教训 ,断崖式的下降之后可能是如山倒地复原。要从问题中吸取教训 ,必须先承认问题。悲剧发生在跨年时 ,不能让对踩踏悲剧的健忘再跨年。


 They said village officials had reached a secret agreement with Sanwei Group to dispose of the waste in return for personal gain, and unhappy residents had been intimidated or physically assaulted.





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