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 Four members of the International Center for Unit 731 Research found more than 2,300 pages of files about the notorious Japanese chemical warfare unit at the US National Archives, the Library of Congress and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in September.

 The group also had a parallel information-gathering operation looking at reports detailing experiments on live humans using biological organisms - anthrax, plague and glanders (an infectious disease that occurs mostly in horses but can affect humans and other animals).

 A number of other colorful experiences sweeten the pot for tourists, including the garden leisure and rural lifestyle in Beireng village near Boao, a visit to the rice fields in the Sanya rice paddy park, and planting fruit and vegetables in Haikou Guilinyang National Tropical Agriculture Park-as well as the ethnic culture that infuses the whole island.

 翔嫂也较真了 。依据法制晚报报道,今日上午她对此有回应:“葛天出席某活动正面回应雷剧事件,‘我只是尽到我演员的本分,导演让怎么拍我就怎么拍,而且历史上确实存在这样的事 。我争取做个好演员 。’嫁为人妻升为翔嫂,葛天直言自己工作忙得很:‘每天全国飞,哪里有工作去哪里 。’”

 While Ke was beaten by AlphaGo during its 60 wins in the fast-paced format, which requires each contender to make at least three moves every 20 seconds, the clash between Ke and AlphaGo in Wuzhen will take place in classic format, which allows each contender more time to think through their moves.





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