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 NPC deputies adopted a decision on special committees of the 13th NPC and a voting method for their chairpersons, vice chairpersons and members.

 Another two berths, each with a 225,000-ton capacity, are close to being completed on Phoenix Island, according to local officials. The construction is a testament to Hainan's ambition to turn Sanya into an Asian Miami, on par with Miami, Florida, in the United States, which is known as the cruise capital of the world.


 The rich countries boast the largest number of the biggest multinational corporations (MNCs), like Apple, McDonald's and IKEA. These MNCs have operations overseas, where operation costs are lower, to jack up their profits and then remit back the lion's share of that, leaving the assembly line workers in developing countries with only crumbs.

 Abe and Shindo said that their visits were not to hurt the feelings of Chinese and Koreans and should not become a diplomatic issue. They even said the purpose of their visits was peace.

 When Boao participants bring their iPhones to the forum, some calculations might be helpful before they head into brainstorming on globalization.





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