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 For Taiwan leaders who have refused to recognize the 1992 Consensus on one China, the US’ approval of the sale of submarine technology to the island has provided them with an opportunity to further kidnap the well-being of Taiwan compatriots by touting the island’s relationship with the US as a sign of the island’s “independence”.


 "Xi praised us that we are still studying although we have retired, and he encouraged us to take good care of ourselves and enjoy life," Liu said. "He looked so easygoing. All of us were so excited."

 "The efforts have helped to increase the annual income per household to 100,000 yuan, jumping 33 times from a decade ago," said Yang Yingchun, a Shatu resident. He expects a harvest worth 150,000 yuan from his 1-hectare sweet potato farm this year.

 Xiang had served as vice-president of the People's Bank of China, Party secretary and president of Agricultural Bank of China and chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

 From 2018, users of payment app WeChat Pay will be able to purchase tickets to the event through a live booking system.





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