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 Of these, approximately 300 are expected to be Earth-sized and super-Earth-sized exoplanets, which are worlds no larger than twice the size of Earth.

 The government will also strengthen assessment and supervision of poverty alleviation work and take tough steps to investigate and punish anyone who misappropriates or diverts funds, commits fraud, massages the figures, or does anything else to violate regulations and laws, the draft report said.

 Ma also hailed the benefits of cross-Straits economic cooperation, promising that a more open mainland would create new opportunities for compatriots and businesses in Taiwan.

 正如查塔姆研究所高级分析师普莱斯(Gareth Price,)等所言,中印两国间既有共同利益,也有明显分歧,“龙与象 ”间的舞步注定会磕磕绊绊,又注定会努力跳到终曲,是否能做到尽量优雅且不踩到、绊到对方或自己,则是对两国政府、领导人、政治家和各界有力人士的考验。

 Thai authorities, he said, will take a close look at changes such as the China National Tourism Administration being merged into the newly established Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the reform plan.

 The National Audit Office, which regulates government spending, has published a report revealing that the number of full-time military personnel is 5.7 percent, or 8,200 people, below the required level. Most alarmingly in an era of new challenges such as cybersecurity, the shortfall in intelligence analysts is 26 percent.





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