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 The Russian president said he believed the year will be helpful for the two sides to implement promising proposals in all areas and develop great potential for local cooperation.

 "And another thing…" I continued, scrabbling about in my handbag for my phone and Google Translate. "Wǒ de hair shìjuǎnfǎ" –my hair is curly (or words to that effect).


 "I think China's State institutional reform is very positive. This is a sign of greater prosperity and stability for China's economy. It certainly will contribute to the whole world's economy," said Dr. Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, head of mission-UAE ambassador to China.

 At T&G here (I don't know about the UK as I've never visited a salon of theirs) you ask for stylists based on their seniority and price. Dithering over the list (did I risk the cheapest?!) I was told that the only person available was Alan, the most junior stylist.

 In all my exploration of Guangzhou, I had to remind myself that food was very essential for me to have the energy to work and move around and so from time to time I would take a moment to relax and feast on the Chinese cuisine.





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