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 Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, said the Armed Police Force plays a key role in safeguarding national and political security, social stability and people's well-being, so it must be under the complete control of the Party. 

 Without a formal education, she has taken jobs in Connecticut cleaning houses, as a clerk at a local convenience store and as a dishwasher to give her daughters and now-grown son a chance at a better life in the United States, she said.

 Wang, speaking on the sidelines of an annual meeting of China's parliament, said China and the United States did not have to be rivals, and history showed that trade wars were not the correct way to resolve problems.

 太原市长必须为年GDP增长3%的成绩单感动羞愧,否则就是推托责任。面对这样的发展情势,如果市长大人还是麻木不仁,甚至硬拿主动 “告别GDP崇拜”和 “适应新常态”来往脸上贴金,那才是真正的可怕。其实,不止是太原市长,新任太原市委书记吴政隆在列举了一系列中部六省省会城市的经济指标后也说: “我们在发展中落后了。”发展是硬道理,告别GDP崇拜是为了更好的发展,主动适应新常态也是为了发展,发展可以有很多种理由,不发展或者发展太落后,就根本没有正当理性。

 1999-2003 Vice Minister and member of the Leading Party Members Group, National Development and Planning Commission

 A resolution on an amendment to the CPPCC Charter was passed at the meeting in a move widely believed by observers as representing an important chapter in the development of democracy in China.





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