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 This is an epistemic challenge, as much as a political or economic ones. For those in traditions outside of China, the key thing is to establish a posture that is open minded, tolerant, and inquisitive, and wants to hear more about what Chinese perspectives on global commons are. There is no 'ownership' of global issues, beyond the fact that they belong to everyone. So Chinese contributions to this debate, in and of themselves, validate and enrich it. No Chinese voice means no properly global discussion. We are all just learning how to speak a new language, but hopefully one that is more appropriate and efficient.

 BEIJING -- China will send five archeologists to Saudi Arabia Monday for the excavation of the ruins of al Serrian, according to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

 "At one point, I thought I was very close to victory. My heart beat so fast that I pressed my hand to it, hoping it could slow down a little bit," Ke said.

 On Monday, Li described the company's measures, including technology training and financial support, to help dairy farmers out of poverty.

 The series of decisions made by the NPC will further promote China's development, Putin said, adding that the decisions are completely correct and Russia firmly supports them.

 这里首先要给整个社会算一笔总账 。提高生育率,避免未来动荡的好处暂且不论 。仅仅是解放负责接送孩子上下学的家长,就足够为中国提供一两千万劳动力 。按照2014年统计数字,全国在校小学生9000多万,初中生5000多万,合计1.5亿 。其中六七千万集中于城市或是城市化的郊区 。以我平时在小学门口的观感进行保守估计,这意味着要占用5000万劳动力负责接送、陪护、烧饭,其中一半是劳动年龄人口 。如果学校能把这部分工作接过来,为就业市场增加2500万劳动力不是难事,还有更多的退休人口可以接受返聘 。





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