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 The event was held in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province, by the Summit for Entrepreneurs across the Taiwan Straits.

 At the Boao Forum for Asia that was concluded last week, President Xi Jinping pledged to the world that China will continue to increase its openness and expand cooperation.

 Asked for his advice to the US government on its oversight in the tech and innovation sectors, Isaac Applbaum of MizMaa Ventures said, "Leave us alone. Let us Jews to do what we do best. We're the capitalists. We understand the value and proposition of taking entrepreneurs and helping them grow."

 Meanwhile, 73 percent of Chinese executives believed that China has an environment conducive to innovation.

 More choices are accessible on the roads. Its 653-kilometer high-speed railway around the island, the first such railway to circle a tropical island, opened in late 2015. It links 12 cities and counties along the coastlines, helping people to reach every corner on the island within two hours.

 What the current leadership has achieved in building a clean Party and government in the past five years has assured it can be trusted to bring about a glorious future for the country.





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