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 Normalization of ties has opened a new chapter in relations between China and Gambia, Li said. President Xi Jinping held productive talks with the Gambian president on Thursday, injecting new energy into their ties, Li said.

 "Awareness of cultural heritage protection needs to be raised among local officials and the public, and manpower of law enforcement in this aspect should be expanded," Chen said. "It is still quite common that the administration is kept in the dark since the parties in charge of preserving heritage sites do not report security accidents."

 It was also a time when the United States and Australia were preparing to send their troops to join the Vietnam War. "There were demonstrations in Beijing and we joined in. I was against the war anyway."


 "Recent criticism by the Australian media about China 'trying to buy influence' in Australia has not helped," he said. "China is not going backwards. It is a leading world power.

 CHANGSHA-Hauling garbage has become Shi Chengfu's hobby. The more he carries, the happier he is. For the past half-century, the shoulder pole was the 90-year-old Shi's primary tool for carrying heavy loads. These days, with an influx of tourists-and their trash-to his family's restaurant, he now uses the pole to transport rubbish bins to a nearby disposal site.





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