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 高校开办什么样的专业虽是高校“自家事” ,但教育主管部门不可袖手旁观或照单全收 ,而应及时作出宏观调控和预警。日前云南省教育厅发布高校“限增令” ,对于一些重复设置过多、就业前景堪忧的专业 ,要求在滇高校不再新增 ,并鼓励高校科学慎重地增设云南经济社会发展急需的紧缺专业。这就很好――市场失灵了 ,“政府之手”就得及时伸出来。需要指出的是 ,教育主管部门在审批高校专业设置时 ,对那些不具备办学条件的新增专业 ,该否决的要坚决否决 ,绝不允许滥竽充数的专业误人子弟。

 In this context, we see two potential routes. The first assumes that similarly to the steel/aluminum tariffs saga, we will witness a gradual de-escalation of tensions once the parties have renegotiated trade terms-so that the final tariffs represent only a small fraction of the initial threats. The second route assumes we are on a slippery slope toward a trade war. Indeed, the recent Cabinet reshuffle in the US indicates a circle of presidential advisers who closely adhere to Trump's world view, raising the risks of an all-out trade war.

 20多年来 ,我国医疗费增长率基本都维持在14%以上 ,这个速度不仅远超了GDP增长率 ,更远超了国民收入增长率。以此数据为准 ,回答以下两个问题就再简单不过了:一是 ,国人的人均收入每年都在增长 ,却发现看病的负担越来越重;二是 ,近几年来 ,我国建立了“全民医保” ,医保覆盖率达到95% ,却发现扣除医保报销部分之后 ,仍然要支付很高的医疗成本。

 It also called for focus on key areas such as infrastructure, sharing resources, national defense-related sci-tech industry, weaponry, scientific innovation for civilian and military purposes, nurturing talent, the coordinated development of social service and military logistics, and the modernized mobilization for national defense and integration in other emerging areas.

 Importantly, China has opened a World Trade Organization challenge to the US' initial $50 billion proposed tariffs, while the eurozone and Japan joined a US challenge against alleged intellectual property theft by China. While we know the WTO arbitration process is a lengthy one-measured in months-it is nonetheless encouraging to see the international body is still being used as a medium of communication between different parties to settle trade disputes. That indeed is a ray of hope.

 It also called for a long-term mechanism and routine inspections to keep the remaining regulations up to date.





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