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 说这个事,其实是想说,人在失去耐心之后,遇上问题,要么陷于被动的承受,要么是进行非理性的反抗。结果也就是既伤自尊,也毁权利。而失去耐心也不止是体现在“找钱 ”上。现在中国人对待情感、文化、制度、政治等等问题,也都越来越沉不住气。

 Lawmakers who talked with President Xi Jinping vowed to take concrete measures to implement Xi's requirements to pursue higher-quality economic growth and reduce poverty.

 Importantly, China has opened a World Trade Organization challenge to the US' initial $50 billion proposed tariffs, while the eurozone and Japan joined a US challenge against alleged intellectual property theft by China. While we know the WTO arbitration process is a lengthy one-measured in months-it is nonetheless encouraging to see the international body is still being used as a medium of communication between different parties to settle trade disputes. That indeed is a ray of hope.

 As to the Chinese wedding, the ceremony was quite familiar to Bradley, which he said was "very much like any wedding he had been to back in Australia". But it was still "interesting to see how Chinese couples balance the desires of a modern wedding while keeping Chinese traditions", after decorating the wedding suite.

 He also said that China attaches importance to the positive remarks made by Abe on the Belt and Road Initiative, and Japan joining the Belt and Road construction will open up new space for bilateral economic cooperation, and China is willing to discuss with Japan the proper and concrete ways for it to participate in the initiative.

 其一是挥舞道德或政治大棒乱贴标签,没有讨论问题的姿态,上来就站队,你是敌人还是朋友,你是我派还是敌派,你是公知、五毛还是自干五?标签化就是简单化,贴上了一个标签,已经赋予了对方一个符号,根据这个符号去作出价值判断,而根本不看别人到底说了什么、观点中有没有可取之处、所言是否合事实逻辑。比如,当给对方贴了一个公知或五毛的标签后,就表达了一种“拒绝跟你交流 ”的封闭姿态:你是逢美必赞的“臭公知 ”,你是只为政府说话的“五毛 ”,有什么好跟你交流的?�D�D根本无视别人观点中可能合理的部分,而是根据这个标签去联想出无数负面的符号,在想像中进行一场“大战敌人 ”的斗争。





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